Stats Club Kick-Off General Meeting: Wednesday, Sept 28th from 7-8 pm (week 1)

Our club-wide kickoff will be in person. Everyone is welcome! This is a great way to meet board members, faculty, and of course, stats-savvy scholars like yourself! Learn about our amazing events and potentially win prizes!

Internship/Recruitment Help: Thursday, Oct 6th at 6 pm (week 2)

For many, internship and recruitment season is upon us. Evy plans to lead a virtual career development workshop and resume review alongside 2-3 panelists. Resume reviews will be conducted confidentially and after the event. Keep an eye out for the Zoom link!

Ice blocking & Picnick-ing on Janss/Tongva Steps: Friday, Oct 7th from 4-6 pm (week 2)

After our kickoff meeting, members will be able to experience a UCLA tradition: ice-blocking hosted by our social co-chairs Marieth and Kowoon! Feel free to bring snacks for yourself or to share and check off this item on your UCLA bucket list.