Undergrad FAQ

How do I find statistics tutoring?
If you are currently enrolled in an Undergraduate UCLA Statistics class then the TA will hold weekly office hours. More details can be found here.

Where are my final exams being held?
They are usually held at the same location where the class was offered. However, sometimes due to high enrollment, classes might be relocated during finals week. To find the classroom, ask your instructor or the student affairs officer.

I took a Statistics class at another school, what is its equivalent course at UCLA?
It is recommended that before you take a course at a different institution, you check with our department to verify that the course that you will take is equivalent to one of our courses. You need to fill out a Petition form and attach a syllabus of the course and your DPR. Please allow 1-2 weeks for the petition to be processed.

I have fulfilled the prerequisites for a statistics course but URSA won’t allow me to enroll; what do I do?
Please use this link to send a message to us indicating that you have this problem. Please include the following information:

  • Name
  • ID
  • Year
  • Class and DISCUSSION you want to enroll
  • URSA message

I am from another school and want to attend a Statistics class at UCLA. How do I do this?
You need to enroll through UCLA extension www.uclaextension.edu/

What are the undergraduate Statistics class prerequisites?
Please see the worksheet below:

Download Prerequisites Worksheet