The Journal of Statistical Software has just published a Festschrift for Jan de Leeuw

The 73rd volume of the Journal of Statistical Software is a Festschrift for Jan de Leeuw and a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the journal. See it at:

UCLA Statistics PhD alumnus Nathan Yau named as the #1 influential rock star of Big Data

See full story here.

VCLA’s Efforts in Artificial Intelligence are Profiled in the Daily Bruin

tonyAn article in the Daily Bruin discusses the efforts of VCLA in artificial intelligence. The group is programming a robot named Tony to have the reasoning and perception of a human. Rather than the deep learning approach to AI, they are using natural language programming (NLP) to train Tony. See the details here.

Master of Applied Statistics Program Accepting Applications for 2017

The Master of Applied Statistics (MAS) program was created in response to the increasingly high demand from students seeking a terminal master’s degree in data science and quantitative analytics.

The MAS program will prepare students for work in industry through an emphasis on statistical methods commonly used in applications. The MAS will cater primarily to working professionals and is open to international students. Courses for the new program will be offered in the evening, so that professionals can continue working while completing their degrees. The degree will require a thesis project that will involve working closely with an industry partner and a faculty member to solve a real scientific or business problem. The Department has various business, industry and government partners to provide internships, thesis topics, and job prospects for graduating students.

Applications are now accepted for students wishing to begin the program in the Fall of 2017.

For full details please visit the new MAS website.

Song-Chun Zhu and Collaborators Use NewsScape Video Archive to Analyze Social and Political Communications

UCLA Statistics and Communication Studies professors are working on statistically analyzing thousands of hours of news clips to better understand the nature of human communication. The project is a collaboration among social and political scientists, statisticians, linguists and computer scientists.

One product has been the Viz 2016 website that focuses on understanding the news streams from the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

More details are available in this Daily Bruin article.