Congratulations to Heather Zhou, who has been awarded an iDISCOVER Predoctoral Fellowship!

The UCLA Integrated Data Science Training in Cardiovascular Medicine (iDISCOVER) Program supports graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who seek training at the intersection of data science and cardiovascular (CV) medicine.

Heather’s current research project investigates the validity of approaches to account for hidden factors in expression quantitative trait locus (eQTL) studies. The iDISCOVER Program will be a great opportunity for her to examine the implications of her research on cardiovascular data science applications.

More information about the fellowship is available at this link.

Ph.D. Alumnus Jake Porway is Interviewed in Amstat News

Our Ph.D. alumnus, Jake Porway, host of National Geographic’s show “The Numbers Game“, was interviewed for Amstat News in December 2020. Please see the details of this interview at this link.