New statistical method developed by Jingyi (Jessica) Li and her team will likely to produce insights into human diseases

Congratulations to Associate Professor Jingyi “Jessica” Li and her research group, the Junction of Statistics and Biology. They developed a new statistical method called AIDE. The method recovers full-length sequences of messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules from data generated by second-generation RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) technology.

More details are available at this link:

Rob Gould and his team have been awarded a grant that supports the Mobilize Introduction to Data Science (IDS) high school course

Professor Rob Gould, along with Suyen Machado and Annamarie Francoise from UCLA’s Center X, were awarded a grant from the College Futures Foundation to support the continued development of the Mobilize Introduction to Data Science (IDS) high school course. IDS is the first course of its kind and is currently taught in 15 districts and 45 high schools. To date, over 9,500 students, the vast majority of whom come from communities underrepresented in STEM, have taken IDS and learned to analyze data using R. IDS was recently featured in the Freakonomics Podcast Episode 391 ( The College Futures Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to catalyze systemic change, increase college degree completion, and close equity gaps in education.

Congratulations to Rob and his team!

Congratulations to Heather Zhou for receiving a UCLA National Science Foundation MENTOR Research Traineeship

This traineeship focuses on training and mentoring graduate students in interdisciplinary research related to ModEling and uNdersTanding human behaviOR (MENTOR), at the intersection of data science, mathematics, cryptography, artificial intelligence, genomics, behavior science, and social science.

This prestigious award will cover tuition and provide a full stipend to Heather for 12 months. More details are available at this link.