Our Department’s 20th Anniversary

The 2019 De Leeuw Seminar and 20th Anniversary Celebration happened on April 23rd at CNSI

The 2019 De Leeuw Seminar happened first. Roger Peng, Professor of Biostatistics at Johns Hopkins University (and a Ph.D. alumnus of ours) spoke on “The New Future of Data Analysis”. A recording of his talk is below:

Following that many of the faculty who were instrumental in the formation of our department spoke of the many steps and challenges that were overcome in order for it to form. Audience members (alumni, current students and staff) shared what the department has meant to them as well. Gifts and appreciation were conferred to retiring Student Affairs Officer Glenda Jones. This most-loved department member served us for over a decade and will be missed by all. Best wishes were given to her as she enters this new stage of her life. A recording of this portion of the evening is below:

The event ended with a cocktail reception in the lobby of CNSI where the departmental community and alumni mixed. Many people reconnected with friends and colleagues from past years.