Undergrad FAQ

Advising/Contact Us:

How do I schedule an appointment with the Statistics & Data Science Undergraduate Advising Office?

Message Center will remain the primary mode of communication between students and the Statistics & Data Science Undergraduate Advising Office. Please send all major/minor declaration requests, enrollment inquiries and requests, and other general inquiries and requests via Message Center. Your request will be addressed in the order received. The quoted response time is 5-7 business days (not including weekends and holidays), but responses typically take no longer than 2-3 business days. Note that advising is extremely busy during the beginning of the quarter and enrollment periods!

  • If you have a UCLA logon ID/you are a current UCLA student, please submit your inquiry HERE.
  • If you DO NOT have a UCLA logon ID, please submit your inquiry HERE.

We offer drop-in advising on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in MS 8125C between the hours of 1:30-4:30pm. Please make sure to check in with our front desk to confirm that the Undergraduate Advisor is available. Please note that times may vary due to staff trainings, events, and holidays.

If you would like to schedule an appointment outside of these days/times, please contact our office via Message Center on myUCLA with your availability as well as the purpose for your appointment.

Who do I contact if I have basic college-related questions, such as unit max for the quarter, academic holds, GE requirements, college requirements, or units?

If you are in College Honors, the Academic Advancement Program (AAP), or UCLA Athletics, you have been assigned a special counseling unit to advise your needs. If you are not part of one of these groups, your College Counseling Unit is College Academic Counseling (CAC), located in A316 Murphy Hall. For CAC support, contact them at this site.

You can check which is your main counseling unit by going to your DARS on the right-hand side. For example:

How do I locate one of my Statistics & Data Science professors?
Go to our Faculty Directory to get their email addresses and office locations.  

Course Enrollment:

How are enrollment appointments assigned?

Students are assigned appointment times by the Registrar’s Office based on the number of units you have. The Statistics & Data Science Department does not have any control over the assignment of enrollment times.

Additionally, we have our own Enrollment Rules schedule. The schedule indicates when our courses open/become available for different student groups (e.g., majors, minors, and non-majors) You can find our Enrollment Rules schedule on our home page under the Enrollment Notices tab to see the restriction schedule for our courses. Enrollment Rules are usually published 1-2 weeks before enrollment for a quarter begins. Please try your best to enroll in the courses you need when they become available/open to you.

Which classes am I eligible to enroll in?

In the Schedule of Classes, read the “Class Notes” option listed with each course under the Info button. It will outline several details including who can enroll and prerequisites. This is also visible when viewing courses on the Class Planner.

What is the difference between a prerequisite and an enrollment restriction?

The prerequisites listed with certain UCLA courses are suggested or enforced courses that should be taken before enrolling in that particular course. You should adhere to these guidelines if you plan to do well in the course.

An Enrollment Restriction is based on class standing and major standing. An example would be a course that is restricted during the first pass to Data Theory or Statistics & Data Science majors with Senior standing only.

I have not met the prerequisites to enroll in a Statistics course. Can I still enroll?

No. All prerequisites for Statistics courses are strictly enforced. Please view our Prerequisite Worksheet to see all prerequisites for all of our courses.

What if a class I need to take is full?

You will need to keep your eye on the enrollment (number & capacity) shown on myUCLA or the Schedule of Classes. If there are open seats, enroll yourself. If no spots open up before enrollment closes down, you won’t be able to take that class during that term.

If the course you need to graduate on time is full, please contact us via Message Center for further assistance.

Does the Department of Statistics & Data Science offer PTE numbers?

No. PTE numbers are not distributed due to TA workload concerns, space, and fairness to all students in the enrollment process. Our department relies on myUCLA to keep students in order, ensuring that enrollment is kept fair. A PTE overrides this system. We will not issue a PTE number to override what we rely on myUCLA to do for us.

Does the Department of Statistics & Data Science offer or use unofficial waitlists?

We may open an unofficial waitlist for full courses if there is significant demand/need. If your name is added to the unofficial waitlist, it does not guarantee enrollment in the course. Unofficial waitlists typically would open about one week before classes begin. If you are interested in joining the unofficial waitlist, please reach out via Message Center with the following information:

  • Name
  • UID
  • Course you are interested in & discussion section (if applicable)
  • List as many options (the more options you list, the better) that work for your schedule.
  • For example, Stats 102B – 3A, 4B, 2A, 1B. In this format, we will assume that Stats 102B Lecture 3, discussion 3A is your first choice, 4B is your second, etc.


  • Beware of course time conflicts, including final exam time conflicts. If a conflict exists, you will not be enrolled in the course.
  • Make sure you have satisfied all necessary prerequisites. If you have not, you will not be enrolled in the course.  
  • Make sure you have enough unit space available to be enrolled in the course. If you do not, you will not be enrolled in the course.

I need help enrolling in a course outside of the Statistics & Data Science Department?

If you have difficulty enrolling in a class that is not an Statistics course and require assistance, please contact the department that offers that course. For example, Economics course → Department of Economics

I need help enrolling in Biostatistics 100A?

Biostatistics 100A is not a course within the Department of Statistics & Data Science. It is actually a course within the School of Public Health – Department of Biostatistics. Please contact them for all things Biostatistics.


When are Statistics courses offered?

Please view our Course Roadmap to check when and in which quarters our courses are offered. When reviewing our Course Roadmap, please make sure to read all *asterisk* notes. If a course does not have an *asterisk*, that means it is only offered during that specific quarter. Taking the courses as planned on our Course Roadmap ensures a timely graduation while complying to all course prerequisites.

Typically, we offer Stat 10, 13, 20, 100ABC, 101ABC, and 102ABC during the Summer as well.

How can I switch and/or declare a major/minor?

To declare a Statistics & Data Science Major or Minor, please complete the prerequisite courses with satisfactory grades and GPA. Minimum requirements are all listed on the Major/Minor Contracts. Once completed, please reach out to us via Message Center for further instructions.

How do I know if I am on track to graduate?

You can track your progress towards your degree through the Degree Audit Report on MyUCLA. To access your DAR, sign in to MyUCLA and find Degree Progress/Audit Report under the Academics tab. Run the report under your program and the current term to determine which courses you must take in order to graduate. Please be aware that some courses are only offered in certain quarters. Make sure to consult with an advisor early to avoid delaying your graduation.

How do I become a Statistics & Data Science pre-major?

The Department of Statistics & Data Science does not have a pre-major. Any students who have Statistics & Data Science pre-major status were those that were admitted to UCLA as pre-Stats & DS majors. All other students who wish to enter the major must successfully complete all prep courses first before they can request to declare the Stats & DS Major.

I am interested in the Data Science Engineering Minor…

The Data Science Engineering Minor is actually housed in the School of Engineering, not in the Department of Statistics & Data Science. Please contact the Engineering School for all things Data Science Engineering Minor related.


How can I stay up to date on Statistics & Data Science Department news, announcements, and opportunities?

The department updates our email listserv every quarter with current major/minor students. If you would like to be added or removed from our listserv, please reach out to us via Message Center with your request.

Does the Statistics & Data Science Department have any student organizations?

The Statistics Club is a student-run organization, comprised of UCLA students within our majors & minors. The Stats Club has multiple activities/events throughout the academic year. You are encouraged to visit their Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more information.